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March 02, 2017 at 12:49 PM

Doll’s festival in Japan

Have you heard of “Hinamatsuri”? It is doll’s festival on March 3 in Japan. It is one of my favorite events. I want to share about it on this post.


Hinamatsuri is traditional custom to pray for young girls to grow up healthy and happily. Most families with girls display dolls which are called Hina-ningyo. This dolls represent the imperial court. There are the emperor, empress, their servants who all wear beautiful court costumes (Kimono). The doll’s equipment used to be huge. Some dolls and tools were placed on seven or five stairs in old days. My Hinaningyo which my grandma bought me is so big too. But nowadays, life-style has changed, the dolls are also changing. It is getting small and I think it is getting prettier. My Hinaningyo is in my parent’s house, so I bought some small dolls and Tenugui for our house.

Generally people display the dolls after “bean throwing festival”. The dolls are said that take away the bad luck of girls who own the dolls. After the festival people put away the dolls quickly. Because it is believed that the girls will get married late if the dolls display so long after the festival. I think it is a kind of superstition though.

I will share my classic Hinaningyo if I have chance to go to my parent’s house. It is so gorgeous and I’m sure you will like it. Also if you come to Japan around this day, you will be able to see beautiful Hinaningyo everywhere such as park, museum. Of cause you will be able to buy small dolls as souvenirs. It must be fun. I think it is the good season to visit to Japan ^^



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