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February 27, 2017 at 2:08 PM

Favorite 3 toppings for Tofu

I really love Tofu. I want to share three toppings for Tofu on this post. Tofu tastes much better with these toppings.


You probably know what Tofu is because I often see it at supermarket overseas. Most of Tofu is made from soybean. In japan, there are two types basically; “Momen” and “Kinu”. Momen Tofu seems to be called “Firm” Tofu abroad. Kinu Tofu is called “Silk” Tofu. Personally I like Kinu tofu. It is very soft and easy to melt in my mouth.


“Hiyayakko” is the most famous way to eat Tofu in Japan. It is pretty easy. You just take Tofu out from refrigerator and cut them into small square. And put some toppings on Tofu. The classic toppings are green onion, ginger. And then pour soy sauce on it.
My favorite toppings are grated ginger and “Katsuobushi”. Grated ginger is little spicy, but it smells so nice. Katsuobushi is dried bonito. It goes well with soy sauce.
And I love “Natto” and “Shiso” toppings too. Natto goes well not only with rice, but also Tofu! Shiso is Japanese basil, smells pretty nice. It is just good combination!

I also love “kimchi” and sesame oil. Kimchi is not Japanese food, it is Korean. But it tastes perfect with Tofu. I often pour sesame oil to kimchi. It smells and tastes much better.

I baked fish, and made miso soup on the day. Rice, baked fish, Hiyayakko, Nukazuke and miso soup.. It is classic Japanese breakfast. So perfect!



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