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How To Make Kimono Robe

Hello! I want to write how to make kimono robe using vintage Kimono on this post. Let’s remake vintage kimono! I hope it is helpful.


Kimono is Japanese traditional dress. It has particular way to wear it using other parts such as OBI, JUBAN. I learned how to wear it by my grandma and my colleagues when I worked at RYOKAN (Japanese traditional hotel). Once you get used to wear it, it is easy. But it might be hard a bit to wear if you do not know how to do. Even Japanese, many people can not wear by themselves. So there are many classes for wearing kimono in Japan. Since I own vintage shop for people overseas, I sometimes hear “Kimono is too difficult to wear.”, “The length is too long to me.” etc. I know it is not easy to get information about Kimono only from google or books.
So I think wearing kimono as a robe is very nice idea! You don’t need any special way. pretty easy to wear! But you might need to remake Kimono in order to wear as a robe. Please see photos below. This is my kimono in right size. It is long if I do not wear in traditional way. That means if someone is looking for kimono as a robe, most kimonos must be too long. The drape looks gorgeous, but she might stumble over the hem 🙁

How to make

1. wear
wear kimono and decide the length. I cut 33cm (13”) from the hem. So the body length changed from 155cm (61”) to 122cm (48”). For reference, my height is 155cm (5.08ft).
2. cut
cut the hem in a straight line.
3. sew
hold the hem to reverse side. and sew it. I recommend hand-sewing. I used blind stitch. I tried to sew by sewing machine, but it didn’t work well. The fabric layers were too stiff even though it was silk.
4. pocket
It is optional. I put two pockets in front. I used the part that I cut from the hem.

Kimono robe

So that’s it! It is easy, right? I’m glad that I changed it to a robe. To be honest, my auntie gave me this kimono a little while ago. But I noticed some stains on front caused long storage. Unfortunately kimono is easy to get damaged in Japan because of humidity. Anyway I hesitated to wear it outside. But now it is my favorite! I often wear it home and relax. It is super comfortable. If you don’t want to leave the front open, you can put the belt on middle. I use OBIAGE as a belt. You might be able to use a long scarf too.
Don’t you think it is very good idea? I hope you make your favorite robe too! Also I hope I can write about how to wear kimono in traditional way sometime.



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