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March 19, 2017 at 4:37 PM

Trip to Nagoya city

Hello! It’s been a while since the last post ;( I was a bit busy because of my work and etsy shop. But we could go on a day trip to Nagoya city this weekend. I want to share our trip on this post.


Nagoya city is located in Aichi prefecture which is next to Shizuoka prefecture where we live. Nagoya is very big city, has the third largest population in Japan. I was so excited to go there because it was my first time to visit.


At first, we went to Osu area in Nagoya. I really enjoyed this area because there are sooo much shops, restaurants, etc. It was hard to control my appetite there. It smells so nice everywhere… Also this area is very famous for Kimono. There are many “Gofukuya (kimono shop)” on the streets. I could buy “Datejime” for my Kimono, so happy! I didn’t buy but saw many kimono accessories such as Haneri, Tabi sox, too.


after walking around that area, we went to very popular restaurant “Yabaton” for lunch. This restaurant is very famous for local people, tourist. We can eat “Miso katsu” there. Miso katsu is a kind of local food in Nagoya which is Japanese pork cutlet with Miso souse. We need to wait a while since it was long line in front of the restaurant. But it worth waiting! I really loved it. The pork was very soft and the sauce was tasty. I definitely go there again when I go to Nagoya again.

Nagoya castle

In nagoya, there is very famous castle called “Nagoya jo”. Can you see the gold parts on the roof of castle? It is called “Shachihoko”. It is mythical creature which has a head of a tiger and a body of a carp.
Nagoya castle is famous for this golden shachihoko. The castle was very beautiful. I really enjoyed to see it as one of my dreams was to visit all castles in Japan 🙂

It was about three hours drive to Nagoya from Shizuoka. It is not so far from here, so I want to visit there again. If you come to Japan, I would recommend this city to you too. Especially it would be prefect place for you who love Kimono and big city.



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